Kariba Cooke

Freelance project and operations manager. Administrative support.

With 30 years of business, marketing and project management experience under my belt, I have worked with international companies such as Walt Disney, BDO and COLT Telecom as well as with major UK companies like BT, Cable and Wireless and various London boroughs.
My roles in each have been significant, often requiring me to work under pressure to produce quality results in respect of very substantial projects, in time and on budget. So much so, that this is now second nature.
For the last decade, I’ve lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates. I set up KCBSS to provide independent and cost effect operations and administrative services and support. In short, I’m your spare pair of hands: professional, experienced and here when you need me.
I can manage and implement business formation and set up, work as a freelance operations or business manager and help to grow your business. That might mean developing a branch office into a fully functioning business or it might mean managing a one-time project or set up.

Kariba the person

I’m a ‘details’ person and a problem solver. Apart from my knowledge, experience and skillset, I also pride myself on being personable and bringing energy and enthusiasm to every project. My aim, is to take on the stuff you can’t or haven’t got time to do, so that you can focus on the stuff you can do, have to do or just enjoy doing!